The series "Contributions" is characterized by a diversity of subjects and approaches relating to science and the arts.

15 Βιβλία
Terra in-Congita (catalogue)

Athens 2019, 64 p., 42 ill.
ISBN 978-960-244-204-3 (PIOP)
ISBN 978 960 86831-6-7 (AICA-Hellas)
€ 11,50


Gianoulis Chalepas, return to Pyrgos (exhibition catalogue)

Scientific editor: Alexandra Goulaki-Voutyra
Texts: Alexandra Goulaki-Voutyra, Tonia Giannoudaki
Athens 2018, 164 pp.
ISBN 978-960-244-199-2
€ 25.00


Ephemeral and eternal Athens
Dimitris Filippidis
Athens 2009, 
276 p., 682 ill.
ISBN 978-960-244-122-0
€ 68.90

Professor emeritus of the National Technical University of Athens, author-architect Dimitris Filippidis casts a penetrating gaze on the external image ...

Stymphalia project - man+environment

Athens 2012, 68 p., 41 ill.
ISBN 978-960-244-157-2
(non commercial edition)

The Lyceum Club of Greek Women 100 years
Scientific editor: Efi Avdela
Athens 2010, 
511 p., 296 ill.
ISBN 978-960-244-147-3
€ 86.92

This collective volume, which commemorates the centenary of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, the first organized women’s association in Greece with an uninterrupted presence in the social and ...

Conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of monuments in Greece 1950-2000
Editors: Haralambos Bouras, Panayotis Tournikiotis
Athens 2010, 
348 p., 315 ill./drawings
ISBN 978-960-244-146-6
€ 68.90

This collective work comprises 16 studies by renowned architects and archaeologists, who have played an important role in the rehabilitation works of classified...