Message from the Chairman

In 2013, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation celebrates a decade of service in the preservation, recording and showcasing of the cultural heritage and identity of our country.

Over this period, and in collaboration with the State, we have created a network of seven Thematic Museums in the Greek provinces, contributing decisively to the promotion of our country's history of production by highlighting traditional ways of processing local natural resources.

We have had the joy of welcoming around 800 thousand Greek and foreign visitors to our Museums and sharing our work with them.

Over the following two years, we shall enrich our Network with an additional two Thematic Museums, also in the provinces: the Silversmithing Museum in Ioannina (Epirus) and the Gum Mastic Museum on the island of Chios.

During this same decade, we have supported over two hundred research and educational actions and initiatives for the preservation of the traditional, artisan and industrial technology in Greece. In parallel, with a strong sense of responsibility, we undertook the task of preserving and organizing the Group's archives, which record not only our country's industrial and artisanal history, but also the social and economic conditions that shaped it, or were shaped by it.

Today, we are ready to launch a new effort: to highlight the close relationship between culture and the environment, crucial comparative advantages of our country. Over the following period, we shall gradually unfurl our new actions, with an emphasis on extraversion and taking advantage to the greatest possible degree of new knowledge, innovation and technology.

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation's new website - which is part of this new effort, while also supporting it - will be constantly enriched by the Foundation's actions. I invite you to surf its pages, and to contribute to our effort by participating in PIOP's initiatives and programmes, visiting our Museums, making use of the Foundation's Historical Archives and Library, and becoming acquainted with the Museums' shops and the central Museum Shop in Athens.


 Sophia Z. Staikou