Message from the Chairman

The year 2016 marked a milestone in the course of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) as, following the opening of the Chios Mastic Museum and of the Silversmithing Museum in Ioannina, our Museum Network now has nine members.

For fifteen years now, PIOP has worked tirelessly to preserve record and showcase Greece’s cultural heritage and, through it, invigorate the country’s regions. Through the Network of our nine thematic Museums created in collaboration with the State, through educational and research programmes, through academic conferences and various actions, we believe that we contribute decisively both to promoting our country’s history of production by showcasing its traditional, artisanal and industrial technology, and to advocating the relationship between culture and the environment thanks to targeted actions, such as the inventory of  cultural landscapes in Greece.

Furthermore, as an accredited advisory body of UNESCO on intangible cultural heritage matters, we contributed to the inclusion of the know-how of mastiha cultivation in Chios and Tinian marble craftsmanship to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

We have welcomed approximately 1.5 million Greek and foreign visitors in our Museums, which are part of the cultural identity of the regions where they function, offering incentives to strengthen cultural tourism, a driver of development for local societies.

In our Historical Archives, we preserve and organise rare archival material that records a significant part of the Greek economy in the 20th century. In our Library, over 57,000 book titles are accessible to the public. Our effort doesn’t end here, though. We are organising new actions, in Athens, in Thessaloniki and in the provinces. Guided by extroversion, we are utilising our cultural capital to the greatest possible extent, we are launching initiatives, we are causing new synergies.

For us, culture is a source of inspiration and gives us the strength to lay claim and to shape the future. In our constantly evolving social and cultural environment, we move forward with a vision and with passion.


 Sophia Z. Staikou