The Foundation's Goals

Our basic statutory goals are:

  • To record and showcase Greece's cultural heritage and identity
  • To preserve the traditional, artisanal and industrial technology of our country
  • To link Culture with the Environment and sustainable development.

These goals are achieved through:

  • The creation and management of a network of thematic technological museums in the Greek provinces, where the specific nature of the production in the corresponding region is highlighted, focusing on the triptych Mankind-Environment-Culture
  • The implementation of research programmes and the publication of academic works
  • The organization of historical archives relating to the economic, banking, industrial and agricultural history of Greece
  • The functioning of a specialized library, open to the public
  • The organization of a variety of academic and cultural actions
  • The implementation of educational programmes and activities, with an emphasis on school-going ages
  • The participation in the public dialogue for the definition of the strategies to follow in the area of culture
The collaboration with Greek and international institutions of recognized repute.