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Satellite imagery of Lake Stymphalia

Satellite imagery of Lake Stymphalia

In the context of the project Life-Stymfalia that was funded by the European Union, PIOP has developed a digital application, https://lake-stymfalia.gr/ , available online but also installed in the premises of the Environment Museum of Stymphalia. Visitors can study satellite images, in real time as well as from previous years or even decades, to see how the physical landscape of Lake Stymphalia has been changing over time and the strains that the natural environment of the surrounding area has sustained.

The application depicts the evolution of the physical environment in the area from 1972 down to the most recent satellite image. Users can select from among three functions, “Ordinary”, “Composite” and “Comparison”, offering different options of depicting the satellite images and the parameters of Lake Stymphalia. 


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