Cycladenia (in Greek)
Gina Chatzinikolaou
Illustration: Aristeidis Tsinaroglou
Athens 2017, 28 p., 14 illustrations
ISBN 978-960-244-191-6

Cycladenia is the story of a marble figurine that existed many centuries ago in a Cycladic settlement, when suddenly, after a destructive earthquake, she ended up in the seabed where it stayed forgotten among fish, seashells and pebbles of all colours. Her friendship with a red starfish and the inquisitiveness of curious children "gave life" to Cycladenia: she was pulled out from the depths of the sea and delivered to archaeologists, who took care of her and placed her in the museum, to be admired by everyone

The fairy tale Cycladenia won an award at the contest for children's books written and illustrated by adults, organized by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and the Municipal Library of Kallithea in April 2016. The e-book that is the latest addition to the digital publications of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation was created in the framework of the programmes (EMAS) carried out to reduce the environmental footprint of the Foundation.

You can read the Cycladenia fairy tale free of charge online on personal computer, tablet and smartphone HERE

You can watch the video with a narration of the fairy tale and simultaneous interpretation into Greek sign language HERE