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Every Thursday, the children’s books of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation come alive in the Library.


Dramatisation by theatre educator María Terzáki of children’s books published by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. Using a combination of narration, the pictorial arts, creative writing and theatrical games, the children enjoy themselves, cultivate their imagination and discover the treasures hidden in PIOP’s children’s books.
Mandatory reservation, so please call on (+30) 210 3739552.


Tis Elias to Dakry. Laïko paramythi apo ti Samo
[The Olive's Tears. A folktale from Samos]
With illustrations by Diatsénta Paríssi


The story of the young boy with the peculiar name of Olive's Tears is based on a popular folktale from the island of Samos. It concerns the adventuresome quests of a boy with wondrous strength, who charmed both the elements of nature and mythical beings (such as the dragons that accompanied him during his journeying). The identification of a person with the olive tree obviously functions as a symbol of the omnipotent place held by olive oil and olives in the traditional societies of the Mediterranean.
Aimed at school groups (nursery school, 1st-3rd grade primary school).


To petrokaravo [The stone ship]
By Alíki Baláska, with illustrations by Dimítris Foussékis


The story of young Pétros unfolds in a village on the island of Tinos, where daily life is dominated by the processing and uses of marble. Through the eyes and the experiences of a small boy, marble everyday objects and architectural elements are presented, as well as the tools used to shape the material, its extraction methods at the quarry, its processing and other aspects of the presence of marble in local society.
Targeted at school groups (nursery school, 1st-3rd grade primary school)


A girl hovers in Kerameikos. An anti-war story in the Athens of Classical times.
By Chrístos Boulótis, with illustrations by Vassílis Papatsaroúchas


The story of a young girl who died during the plague in the times of Classical Athens is inspired by the excavation of a mass grave in the vicinity of ancient Kerameikos cemetery and the reconstruction of the features of a young girl. The girl's soul still hovers over Kerameikos carrying messages of peace to children the world over. The author casts a tender and optimistic eye on the brief childhood, which began with games, joy and carelessness, but ended violently in the climate of war prevailing at the time.
Aimed at school groups (4th-6th grade primary school).


Alexandra, Pavlos and the mystery of Lake Stymphalia
By Sofía Kalandzákou, with illustrations by Spíros Goússis


Alexandra’s recurring nightmare, where the Stymphalian Birds loom large, is the starting point for the four friends’ adventure. In order to rid herself of this dream, she has to rectify the “injustice” against the Birds, searching for the truth behind the myth. The children’s journey to the lake and the villages of the Stymphalia region, as well as to the Environment Museum of Stymphalia, helps them reveal the mystery’s deeper cause. The story highlights the link between the environment and culture and initiates young readers to the concept and the importance of a cultural landscape. In addition, it proposes activities and initiatives that pupils can undertake that focus on landscapes of a similar interest.
Targeted at school groups (3rd-6th grade primary school).

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