“in a productive manner” Documenting the rehabilitation of refugees from Asia Minor Temporary exhibition by PIOP

“in a productive manner” Documenting the rehabilitation of refugees from Asia Minor Temporary exhibition by PIOP
The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) presents, starting from Friday 28 April 2023, the temporary exhibition titled “in a productive manner” − Documentation from the rehabilitation of refugees from Asia Minor in the PIOP building in Tavros. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of events in remembrance of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and is mostly based on archival material from the Historical Archives of the Foundation.

In 1922, the modern Greek people suffered their greatest catastrophe. Among the historical consequences of this destruction was also the compulsory movement of large numbers of Greek population to Greece. Although the Greek State did not have the necessary means, its goal was the “productive settlement of refugees” which was considered a “social work of economic interest”. How did the international community and the Greek State deal with the need for sustainable rehabilitation of those refugees?

The aim of the exhibition is to present aspects of this attempt by institutional entities such as the Commission for Rehabilitation of Refugees and the Agricultural Bank of Greece as well as by individuals, for the professional and social integration of refugees from Asia Minor. The exhibition presents the difficult and long-lasting, as it turned out, task of agricultural and professional rehabilitation of those populations, through grants of agricultural holdings, the creation of rural settlements and agricultural cooperations, the provision of aid and low-interest loans to improve habitation and job creation for refugees. As documented by archives of businesses and organizations, small enterprises spread throughout areas such as Tavros in Athens were led by businessmen from Asia Minor in their attempt at professional rehabilitation. Mostly, though, with the help of the Greek State, businessmen from Asia Minor used their know-how and experience in the textile and carpet industries and soon set up business that employed women workers from Asia Minor, resulting in the creation of urban refugee settlements around those businesses.

Duration of the exhibition: 28 April to 15 December 2023
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00-17:00
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Free entrance. 

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