An…Oscar for the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos!

An…Oscar for the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos!


Athens, September 17, 2014 

An…Oscar for the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos! 

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), in collaboration with the 2nd International Documentary Films Festival AegeanDocs, is organizing a one-day conference titled «Animation and documentaries» on Sunday, September 21, 2014 (11:00 – 15:00), at the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production in Aghia Paraskevi on Lesvos.

The documentary using animation techniques (animated documentary) combines the expressive means and the «truth» of the documentary with the technical possibilities offered by animation. Two distinguished guests will talk on the subject and discuss it with the public: world-famous animator and member of the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science, Mr Panagiotis Rappas, and German director and animator, Mr Thomas Stellmach, who won an Oscar award in the animation category in 1996.

During the event, five films, considered to be characteristic examples of this genre, will be projected and commented. These are: 

  • The sinking of the Lusitania  (11’) by Winsor McCay (1918)

The first animated documentary film in the history of cinema depicting the sinking of the ocean liner Lusitania by a German submarine in 1915, a fact that resulted in the USA's entry into World War I. 

  • Saga City (16’) by Luc Chamberland (2011)

The short cartoon film treats the subjects of town planning and climate change against the background of an imaginary city: Colvert. And it emerges that the manner in which the city is shaped and organized is an important factor in determining its energy consumption and the quantity of greenhouse emissions released into the atmosphere.

  • Βoles (12′) by Špela Čadež (2013)

Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood. He dreams of leading the life of a famous author on the prosperous side of town. One day, his neighbour, Tereza, asks him to write a letter for her to her fiancé. Everything would have gone well if, a week later, Tereza had not knocked on his door again asking, this time, for him to write the answer to the previous letter!

  • Virtuos Virtuell (7′) by Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann (2013)

Abstract drawings in ink follow a secret choreography. They take on the characteristics and moods of the music and tell a story, which seemingly is narrated by the music. The interplay of shy encounters, agile lightness and confrontation give rise to a variety of emotional impressions

  • Quest (11’) by Thomas Stellmach and Tyron Montgomery (1996)

A figure emerges in the desert out of the sand and goes in search of water. During the journey through the desert, the figure abruptly finds itself outside of space and time. It loses its pace, trips and falls into unknown worlds. The water seems ever closer, but each time recedes into the distance. The film won the Oscar award for "Best-shot animation film" in 1996. 

Entrance is free of charge for the public.  

Conference programme

11:00 Speech by Thomas Stellmach

11:20 Projection of «Virtuos Virtuell»

11:30 Projection of «Quest»

11:45 Discussion with Thomas Stellmach

12:00 Break

12:30 Speech by Panagiotis Rappas and presentation of the animated documentaries to be projected subsequently

13:00 Projection of «Saga City»

13:15 Projection of «The sinking of the Lusitania»

13:30 Projection of «Boles»

14:00 Introduction by Panagiotis Rappas on animation and documentaries and discussion with the public.


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