«Tinos during World War I» Symposium at the Museum of Marble Crafts of Tinos

«Tinos during World War I» Symposium at the Museum of Marble Crafts of Tinos

«Faces of Time» is, for the second consecutive year, the theme chosen for the celebration of the European Heritage Days (September 26-28), in which the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) is participating by organizing events in all the museums of its Network.

At the Museum of Marble Crafts of Tinos, organized educational programmes for school groups will be held on Friday, September 26 (9am-1:30pm), while on Saturday, September 27, at 7pm, the museum will host a symposium titled «Tinos during World War I», to mark the occasion of the hundredth anniversary since the beginning of the Great War.

Located in a crucial junction point for the Allied system of transport and communication, the Cyclades Islands, and consequently Tinos, found themselves under Anglo-French occupation from an early date. Nevertheless, their formal occupation by the Temporary Government of Thessaloniki (December 1916) was not without turmoil. The cases of strongly divergent opinions, which no island was exempt from, intensified the food crisis and dealt a blow to social cohesion.

It is this crucial period that will be addressed by: Andreas Pappas (publications editor, PIOP), Vassilis Kollaros (doctoral student in History at the Panteios University), Kostas Danoussis (researcher of the History of Modern Tinos), Yorgos Vidos (marble carver-restorer, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports) and Nikos Gizis (library curator of P.I.I.E.T, the Panhellenic Holy Foundation of Tinos). The speakers will attempt to outline the broader context that influenced local developments, the specific problems Tinos faced, the ideological arguments advanced by each side, but also the traumatic experiences that marked the following day on the island.

Excerpts from the works of Greek and foreign authors reflecting the climate of the times will be read by Evanghelia Panoriou.

A summary of the symposium contributions can be consulted here. 

Entrance for the public is free of charge. 

In celebration of the European Heritage Days, visitors to the Museum of Marble Crafts over this specific period (September 26-28) can acquire all of the gifts and souvenirs on offer at the Museum Shop at a discount of 20%. Also, over the weekend of September 27-28, entrance to the Museum will be free of charge (10:00-18:00), as also in all the other museums of the Network run by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. 

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