Let’s weave Celebrating the European Artistic Craft Days at the Environment Museum of Stymphalía

Let’s weave Celebrating the European Artistic Craft Days at the Environment Museum of Stymphalía

In the context of the programme «Bridges: Open Museums 2019», the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corinth (EPH.A.COR.) and the Historical - Folklore Museum of Corinth (HFMC) are jointly participating in the European Artistic Craft Days 2019 with the educational programme “Let’s weave”, at the Environment Museum of Stymphalía. More specifically, on Friday 5 April (at 10am) the programme will be held for school groups, while on Saturday 6 April (at 11am) it will be addressed to a public of adults and adolescents.
The programme, which comprises a brief presentation of weaving, touching, examining different types of yarn through a microscope, and making a woven fabric on a weaving frame, will be carried out by Alexándra Tránta, head of PIOP’s educational programmes.The art of weaving was practiced by the inhabitants of Stymphalía from ancient times through to the beginning of the 20th century, as one can see in the particular motifs encountered in the Korinthía local costume, but also οn household linens preserved in family collections. Museum exhibits, such as weaving weights from the Hellenistic era, together with contemporary tools, such as the distaff with the spindle and carding combs, bear witness to this craft’s diachronic dimension through to modern times, which then gradually waned, but is timidly but steadily experiencing a revival.

The educational programme is accompanied by a specially-designed brochure (in Greek), which you can download via the following link:
Duration: 75΄

Participation in the programme, including the materials, is free of charge.
Advance sign-up is required.

For further information and for signing up, please contact the Environment Museum of Stymphalía on (+30) 27470 22279 (daily except Tuesdays, 10am-6pm).

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