“The sixth labour” at the Environment Museum of Stymphalia

“The sixth labour” at the Environment Museum of Stymphalia

On the occasion of this year’s celebration of the International Museum Day on the theme of “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) will inaugurate an exhibition on “The sixth labour” on Sunday 15th May (at 12 noon) at the Environment Museum of Stymphalia.

The exhibition is being held in the context of the programme “LIFE Stymfalia: Sustainable Management and Funding of Wetland Biodiversity. The case of Lake Stymfalia” and, through an original artistic approach, presents the region’s unique environment and the work being carried out so as to protect and showcase it. Through the paintings of Giorgos Pastakas, the poetic narrative of Giorgos Maniotis and the soundtrack by Giorgos Koumentakis, the sixth labour undertaken by Hercules, who was called upon to free the lake of the Stymphalian birds that were destroying the land, “comes alive” and is presented anew to the public. Only, this time, it concerns the restoration of equilibrium in Nature.

Thanks to the three artists’ creative, disruptive and contemporary approach, concepts such as the environment, culture, cultural landscape and sustainable development are brought together. In fact, the exhibition seeks to highlight the fact that the prerequisite for preserving and developing an important cultural landscape, such as that of Lake Stymphalia, is the joint management of the natural and cultural heritages. Except for the three artists, many others contributed to the exhibition’s excellent presentation. Among them, schoolchildren of the mountainous region of the Prefecture of Corinth who, together with their teachers and under the guidance of Giorgos Pastakas, drew and made kites, which are also on show as part of the exhibition.


The exhibition is accessible to the public during the opening hours of the Environment Museum of Stymphalia (daily, except Tuesdays, 10am - 6pm).


The exhibition is being held in the context of the LIFE-Stymfalia programme (LIFE12NAT/GR/0000275) co-funded by the European Union.


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