«The 7 keys» of our history of production. An original interactive game

 «The 7 keys» of our history of production. An original interactive game

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) designed and is now implementing an original, interactive educational programme, which, as of January 21, 2015, will be hosted at the Eugenides Foundation (387, Syngrou Avenue, Paleo Faliro).

The programme's title is «The 7 keys», as its aim is to… unlock the secrets of our country's history of production. It is a novel educational venture combining knowledge games and new technologies, which help the children to understand, through playing, processes and mechanisms of technical civilization. The participants come into contact with basic raw materials, such as olive oil, silk and marble – which are directly related to the thematic content of the establishments composing PIOP's Museum Network – and, gradually, perceive their uses and importance by means of a clever itinerary with many «obstacles» – riddles, enigmas, experiments.

How can we dye a piece of fabric with an almond? Which is the hardest material in Nature? How does friction determine the usefulness of different materials? What is the Hoffmann kiln? Which are the sources of energy that assist in the productive process? These are just some of the questions begging an answer, which also contain the words - keys permitting to save Lake Stymphalia!

Throughout the game's duration, specialized museum educators guide the children, who use cutting-edge technologies, which function on the basis of human motion and help experimentation and the better understanding of natural phenomena and not only.

Participation in the programme is free of charge
for both the general public and school groups.


Information for the general public:

The programme will last from January 21 through to April 30, 2015. The general public can participate every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm (official holidays excepted). The programme is addressed to children aged 11 - 14, who are accompanied by an adult. Admission is on a "first come, first served" basis.

Information for school groups:

The organizers have designed the educational programme for school groups: 

•of the last two grades of Primary School,

•of the first two grades of Secondary School (Gymnasium).

The school groups will be made welcome, free of charge, during morning hours from Monday through to Friday, but only following a timely reservation made by calling telephone numbers 210 9469631-632 (office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm).

The schoolchildren will be divided into groups when participating in the programme and, at its end, according to the points they score, will participate in a draw whose prize is an excursion to one of the museums of PIOP's Network.

The premises of the Eugenides Foundation are accessible and friendly to people with physical disabilities or impaired mobility (entrance from 11, Pendeli Street). It should be noted that it is possible to have a Greek Sign Language interpreter following a prior arrangement by texting the mobile phone 6936 177143 or writing to the email address: pr@eugenfound.edu.gr. Guide dogs of the blind or partially sighted are welcome.

More information can also be obtained via the following link: