European Artistic Craft Days at the Piraeus Bank Group Conference Centre in Thessaloníki (Salonica)

European Artistic Craft Days at the Piraeus Bank Group Conference Centre in Thessaloníki (Salonica)

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) is once again celebrating the European Artistic Craft Days (1-7 April) by organising activities for the young and for adults at the Piraeus Bank Group Conference Centre, in Thessaloníki (Salonica).

More specifically:

  • “Children’s books: stories and images”

Inspired by this year’s theme of “The imprint of the crafts as local signatures”, on the occasion of the International Children’s Book Day (02/04), on Monday 1st April (at 9:30am) Georgía Ioakimídou, representative of Diáplous Publications, and illustrator Georgía Stýlou, will talk about the course followed to publish a children’s book, from conceiving the idea and the illustrations to its printing and publishing.

  • Animation films for Primary School pupils

Given the popularity of Eugene Trivizás’ children’s books, on Monday 1st April (at 10:30am) two animation films based on stories by this beloved author will be shown.

  • The little mouse that wanted to touch a star (Greece, 28’). Directed by Panayótis Ráppas

Troktikoúlis, a young mouse, dreams of touching a star, but despite all its efforts it can’t reach high enough. Until, one Christmas evening as it comes out of its mouse hole, it sees a decorated fir tree in the middle of the sitting room with a silver star at its top.

  • Once upon a time a tree (Greece, 30’). Directed by Panayótis Ráppas

Something similar occurs every Christmas Eve in an unfrequented street of a bustling city. Something nobody can explain: a burst of fireflies insistently flies around, fluttering, as if looking for something.

  • Workshop on illustrating children’s books

From Monday 1st April through to Thursday 4 April (at 10:30am), 3rd- and 4th-grade Primary School pupils will have the opportunity to illustrate their own book with the assistance of illustrator Georgía Stýlou. Using simple constructions, the children will have the opportunity to feel the joy of knowledge and play by drawing and creating.

  • “Thessaloníki: gourm...magic city!” - The routes of gourmet traditions

On Saturday 6 April (at 11am) an alternative thematic route for the general public is on offer: with the help of dot2dot, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the history of the city through its savoury and sweet delights.

Admission to all activities is free of charge; however, prior sign-up is required.

For further information and for reservations, please contact Ms Nadína Kyriazí on (+30) 2310 385 662 or via e-mail:

Piraeus Bank Group Conference Centre

Katoúni 12-14, Thessaloníki (Salonica)

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