Life Stymfalia

Life Stymfalia

The aim of the project is the restoration of Lake Stymphalia and its long-term protection and management, through a systematic re-financing process, which will be ensured by the utilization of the reeds’ biomass removed from the wetland and the area’s unexploited biomass from agriculture residues. (for more: www.Lifestymfalia.gr

General information

Project title: Sustainable management and financing of wetland biodiversity: The case of Lake Stymphalia.
Project acronym
: LIFE-Stymfalia
Project duration: 01 October 2013- 29 September 2017
Project areas: Greece
Project code No: LIFE12 NAT/GR/000275
Project funding: The LIFE-Stymfalia project is 50% co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE+ funding instrument.
Total project budget: € 2,013,290
EC financial contribution: € 1,006,646


Coordinating beneficiary: PiraeusBank