Mouseion Topos

Mouseion Topos

The aim of the program is to connect PIOP’s thematic museums in the Aegean with the cultural heritage of their communities and to promote their tangible and intangible industrial/craft tradition by using interactive applications. The Museums of PIOP that are taking part in the programme are the Museum of Marble Crafts in the Tower of Tinos, the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Lesvos, Agia Paraskevi, and the Chios Mastic Museum in Pyrgi.

The project aims to highlight another dimension that is worthwhile acquainting with the islands of Tinos, Lesvos and Chios, that of the direct connection of tangible and intangible  culture. At the same time, the project is expected to enhance the interaction of the Museums with local societies and aims to establish the Museums as everyday spaces, connecting them with the communities and creating a "digital dialogue" between both parts. (For more: http://www.mouseion-topos.gr/en)

General information

Funding: EPAneK 2014-2020
Topic identifier: Operational Programme “Competitiveness- Entrepreneurship- Innovation”
Project code:  Τ1ΕΔΚ-01571
Project title: MOUSEION TOPOS
Project duration: 25.07.2018 -24.07.2021
Total project budget:  849.200,00 €


  1. Coordinating beneficiary: University of Aegean- Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
  4. PIOP Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation