“All arts for Karagiozis” Temporary exhibition in the Silk Museum

“All arts for Karagiozis” Temporary exhibition in the Silk Museum

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), in cooperation with the “The Tales of Karagiozis” Shadow Theatre and the “Poetry and Folktale Academy”, starting Wednesday 4 May, presents the temporary exhibition “All arts for Karagiozis” in the Silk Museum in Soufli.

Sculptural creations, cardboard figures, set compositions, traditional crafts, related publications and texts pay homage to the popular hero of Modern Greek shadow theatre. The dialogue between Karagiozis and various forms in a contemporary and topical fashion highlights the dynamic role of shadow theatre in the present.

The exhibition presents the fundamental aspects of the history and creation of shadow theatre. Selected works of traditional craftsmanship by folk artists, such as textiles, embroideries and knits, give life and colour to the shadowy figures. In parallel, the exhibition emphasizes the role of painting as the main artistic tool of shadow theatre in relation to the figures and the sets. The work of artist Aris Voliotis with the technique of batik on silk has pride of place here. The exhibition also presents literary works (pamphlets, publications, satirical dialogues in newspapers) related to shadow theatre. Stand-alone episodes with brief satirical dialogues from Karagiozis performances, under the title “Karagiozilikia” enrich the exhibition narrative. Visitors have a chance to admire the sculptural creations by poet and sculptor Dimitris Avouris, the metal figures by shadow theatre player Apostolos Domtzidis, while the professional screen in the end of the exhibition, with the hand-painted figures and the sets from various materials, as well as an open suitcase with the tools of the shadow theatre player, introduce the secrets of the traditional art of shadow theatre to young and old.

Duration of the exhibition: 4 May-13 June 2022
Operating hours: Daily, except Tuesday, 10:00-18:00

For more information you can contact the Museum, tel. 25540 23700 (daily, except Tuesday, 10:00-18:00). For groups of students, prior reservation through telephone is essential.

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