“Writing Pictures” - Temporary exhibition-installation in the Open-Air Water Power Museum

“Writing Pictures” - Temporary exhibition-installation in the Open-Air Water Power Museum

Starting on Wednesday 15 March, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) presents the temporary exhibition-installation titled “Writing Pictures” by photographer Theodoros Papageorgiou in the Open-Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana. By exploring contemporary applications of text-to-image conversion through artificial intelligence (text-to-image AI), the aim of the exhibition is to help the public understand and reflect on the future of visual communication, as it is shaped by the constantly developing technology in the field of image creation.

A brief review of the past effortlessly leads to the conclusion that the art of photography, digital technology, the internet and social media has brought about decisive changes in this field, providing new possibilities and gradually establishing the creation of images as a common everyday practice for the general public. Today, the development of artificial intelligence makes it possible to produce “synthetic” images easily and quickly through algorithmic models, shaping a new environment of creative possibilities and challenges.

Drawing inspiration from representations of the Arcadian landscape, from the styles of classical and contemporary artists and from the world  imagination and emotion, Th. Papageorgiou creates images with a variety of themes and different visual techniques. Through artworks, visual material and digital interactive applications, both the scope and limitations of these new technologies are highlighted. At the same time, incentives for reflection are provided regarding the changes in the way images are produced, the role and distinct identity of creators, the ethical use and limits of technology, contemporary representations of cultural identity and heritage, in dialogue with dominant stereotypes.

A few words about the photographer
Theodoros Papageorgiou is a professional photographer and lives in Tripoli, Arkadia. Inspired by the landscapes of Greece, he focuses on images that celebrate human consciousness as a refined creation of nature. The exhibition-installation titled “Writing Pictures” is the second time his work is presented in the Open-Air Water Power Museum. In 2019, PIOP presented his photography exhibition titled “The Colour of Water”, inspired by the watery landscapes of Arkadia and the greater Peloponnese, on the theme of the rich interaction between water and light.  

Duration of the exhibition: 15 March-30 June 2023
Opening hours: Daily, except Tuesday, 10:00-18:00
Closed: Good Friday (until 12:00), Easter Sunday, 1 May
For the creative team of the exhibition see here

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