Staying Safe at the PIOP!

Staying Safe at the PIOP!

At the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation all the necessary safety measures for protection against COVID 19 are taken daily to safeguard the health of visitors and employees in all venues in Athens and all over Greece.

In particular, visitors including persons until twelve (12) years old in full, enter the PIOP Museum Network after mandatory demonstration* of the following at the entrance:

  • vaccination certificate or
  • recovery certificate (within 6 months after diagnosis) or
  • negative rapid antigen test performed within the last 48 hours

Persons from four (4) to eleven (11) years old may present, as an alternative, result of a self test from the last 24 hours. 


We wear our mask in all venues.

We use hand sanitizers.

  • We adhere to safety distancing.
  • We do not touch exhibits.
  • We prefer contactless transactions.
  • When coughing or sneezing, we cover our mouth with the inside of our elbow or with a paper towel.  

The same measures are required for participation in our activities in the PIOP Museums Network, the Historical Archives and the Library of the Foundation, as well as booking through telephone.

*Article 33, Law 4816/2021 (Α΄118)