Science and Technology

The series "Science and technology" includes translations of foreign classics manuals on issues surrounding industrial archaeology and history of techniques.
8 Βιβλία
The Unbound Prometheus. Technological Change and Industrial Development in Western Europe from 1750 to the Present

David S. Landes
(Translator: Chryssoula Mentzalira)
Scientific editor: Christina Agriantoni
Athens 2009,
624 p.
ISBN 978-960-244-128-2
€ 32.86

This volume, a revised and augmented version of the 1969 edition, is a classic...

The Industrial Heritage. Managing Resources and Uses
Judith Alfrey - Tim Putnam
(translation: Eleana Vlachou)
Athens 1996, pp. 495, figs 92
ISBN 960-244-036-8

€ 15.90

This book is the first complete approach to issues of evaluation...

Technology in World Civilisation

Arnold Pacey
(translation: Takis Kirkis)
Athens 1996, pp. 336, figs 44
ISBN 960-244-035-X
€ 12.72

The author asserts that the popularization of technology is not one-way...

A Brief History of Techniques

Bruno Jacomy
(translation: Christina Agriantoni)
Athens 1995, pp. 432, figs 97, maps 3, drawings 21, tables 23
ISBN 960-244-033-3
€ 12.72

This work reviews the history of techniques through a presentation of both complete...

Introduction to the History of Techniques

Francois Russo 
(translation: Christina Agriantoni)
Athens 1993, pp. 521
ISBN 960-244-027-9
€ 15.90

This work aims to provide a systematic analysis of the cognitive field...