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The official inauguration of the Tinos Museum of Marble Crafts was held in 2008. The Museum is the first of its kind in Greece. It functions under the responsibility of the Piraeus Bank Group, and will continue to do so for fifty years since its establishment.


The Museum is located in Pirgos, a village where the marble craft tradition remains strong and survives to this day. It is housed in modern, fully equipped installations, which are also accessible to handicapped visitors. Constructed on a plot of land conceded by the former Community of Panormos, its building ties in harmoniously with the characteristic Tinian landscape.


The Museum's creation was included in the 2000-2006 Regional Operational Programme of the Southern Aegean and was financed by the Third Community Support Framework and the Piraeus Bank Group.


An impressive number of authentic artefacts was collected thanks to the sensitization of common people and public entities, who donated or bequeathed them to the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. Under PIOP's care, the historical equipment was salvaged, repaired and restored to function.


Today, the Tinos Museum of Marble Crafts has established itself as a pole of attraction that surpasses the island's geographical confines and actively supports the wider region's sustainable development.


The Museum was created in the framework of the 2000-2006 South Aegean Regional Operational Programme. The Programme was funded jointly b the European Union (85%) and  the Greek State (15%).



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