The Foundation

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) supports the preservation and showcasing of Greece's cultural heritage, with an emphasis on its artisanal and industrial technology, and promotes the connection of Culture with the Environment.

The Foundation's work is carried out through:

The Thematic Museums of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation welcome over 300.000 visitors each year and are staffed by members of the local society. Through its Museums, PIOP creates live cultural cells in the Greek provinces. For the creation and functioning of the Museums, PIOP collaborates effectively with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the local and regional self-government authorities, local society, as well as with a broad network of specialists on environmental and cultural issues.


The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation is a voluntary non-profit foundation. In accordance with its statutes, its operational costs, including those of its Museums, are covered by the Piraeus Bank Group. At the same time, PIOP pursues the co-financing of certain projects through national and European programmes.

PIOP has created collaboration networks with higher education institutions, research centres, cultural institutions, as well as with specialized professionals in Greece and abroad.