Reading hall


The Reading hall of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation is open to the public during the Library schedule. In each visit, you will be asked to fill out Form Reader.

To enter the room , lock your belongings in special lockers. You can bring your laptop together, your books and your notes.

Venues and use

The Reading hall has six positions and two workstations. Their use is in turn turnout of readers.

From workstations have free access to the online library catalog to search for titles that interest you and electronic databases PGCF . These computers are not allowed to install programs and change settings. There is Internet access.

The professional staff of the Library helps you in your search. Also , the staff brings you from the stacks titles you choose.

Borrowing and photocopying

The Library is not a lending library.
The photocopying is not charged. Permitted , however , subject to the restrictions placed by the copyright law (Law 2121/1993) and Directive 29/2001 of the European Union . That is:

• No photocopying of books explicitly state that it is prohibited in any manner reproduction

• For books in copyright , you may photocopy of one tenth of all the pages of the issue.

Respect the space

The Reading Room is a place of study and concentration . The use of mobile phones is not permitted. Respect other readers and keep quiet.

Please also keep clean the printed and electronic material is made available , and the Reading Room . Do not allow smoking and food consumption.