Chairman's message

Becoming Chairman of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation is a particular honour for me.

It also marks the clear intention of the Piraeus Bank Group’s management to pursue and enhance its active role in Greece’s economic, social and cultural life by contributing to the promotion, support and development of the country’s cultural heritage.

These cultural elements, whatever field they appear in, contribute to the strengthening of local economies by providing incentives for increased cultural tourism and therefore help to drive the economy’s growth.

The Foundation supports the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage, with an emphasis on artisanal and industrial technology. Through a variety of programmes, it actively links culture to education and the environment, creating bridges between the past, the present and the future.

The Foundation also promotes collaboration between the private and public sectors; people of science with people of culture; the centre with the provinces. Through a combination of research, educational programmes, collaborations with institutions in Greece and abroad and a network of nine museums, the Foundation creates a cultural hub across the Greek provinces. 

The Historical Archives conserves and showcases archival material that is part of the country’s recent economic history, while the Library offers the general public access to over 59,000 titles relating to the Foundation’s research.

The Foundation forms a core part of Piraeus Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and commitment to Greece. As an integral part of Greek society, we share the same values and goals. The Foundation also aligns with the Bank’s ambitions to create a sustainable future as outlined in its commitment to the principles of Sustainable Development and Responsible Banking.

Since the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation was founded, it has welcome over two million visitors across the Museum Network as well as being awarded numerous accolades including the Silver Medal of the Academy of Athens and the Europa Nostra, recognising the positive impact the Foundation has had on Greece’s cultural landscape.

I look forward to continuing to grow and develop the Foundation as Chairman with the main aim to bring the bank closer to society, through the network of museums and many leading initiatives and actions.

George Handjinicolaou