Science and Technology

The series "Science and technology" includes translations of foreign classics manuals on issues surrounding industrial archaeology and history of techniques.
9 Βιβλία
The Making of the English Working Class

E.P. Thompson
Translated by: Yiannis Papadimitriou
Scientific editing and introduction to the Greek edition: Antonis Liakos
Athens 2018, 840 p.
ISBN 978-960-244-201-2
€ 45.00

British historian E.P. Thompson, as Edward Palmer Thompson (1924-1993) is better known, had a decisive impact on the development of the discipline of Social History...

The Unbound Prometheus. Technological Change and Industrial Development in Western Europe from 1750 to the Present

David S. Landes
(Translator: Chryssoula Mentzalira)
Scientific editor: Christina Agriantoni
Athens 2009,
624 p.
ISBN 978-960-244-128-2
€ 32.86

This volume, a revised and augmented version of the 1969 edition, is a classic...

The Industrial Heritage. Managing Resources and Uses
Judith Alfrey - Tim Putnam
(translation: Eleana Vlachou)
Athens 1996, pp. 495, figs 92
ISBN 960-244-036-8

€ 15.90

This book is the first complete approach to issues of evaluation...

Technology in World Civilisation

Arnold Pacey
(translation: Takis Kirkis)
Athens 1996, pp. 336, figs 44
ISBN 960-244-035-X
€ 12.72

The author asserts that the popularization of technology is not one-way...

A Brief History of Techniques

Bruno Jacomy
(translation: Christina Agriantoni)
Athens 1995, pp. 432, figs 97, maps 3, drawings 21, tables 23
ISBN 960-244-033-3
€ 12.72

This work reviews the history of techniques through a presentation of both complete...