Reference Points

The "Reference Points" series is composed of reprints of old Greek publications on the history of the country's economy and industry that are no longer easily available to researchers.
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Hermes Kerdoos, or, a Commercial Encyclopaedia, Venice 1815

Papadopoulos Nikolaos
Introduction: Triantafyllos E. Sklavenitis
Redaction: Panagiotis D. Michailaris
Athens 1989, volume A΄: pp. 16 xvi + 167 + 341, volume B΄: pp. 407, volume C΄: pp. 477, volume D΄: pp. 451 and reproduction appendix (published for the first time): pp. 180
ISBN 960-244-000-7
€ 42.40

This photographic reprint publication of the first four-volume commercial encyclopaedia by N. Papadopoulos, Hermes Kerdoos – Commercial Encyclopaedia ...

Introduction and redaction: Michalis Psalidopoulos
Athens 1994, pp. 509
ISBN 960-244-032-5
€ 19.08

An anthology of 27 texts by Greek economists, intellectuals, politicians, journalists and university scholars, written between...

Statistics of Greece. Population of the year 1861, Athens 1862

Introduction and redaction: Yannis Bafounis
Athens 1991, pp. 32* + xxi + ΧIΧ + 99 + [3]
(co-published by the Association for the Study of Modern Hellenism. Periodical Mnenom)
ISBN 960-244-020-1
€ 8.48

A photographic facsimile of the only complete known copy of the first scientific census of Greece’s population, which was conducted in 1861 ...

Georgios P. Charitakis. Summary of Works
Introduction and redaction: Margarita Dritsa
Bibliographical list: Vicky Patsiou
Athens 1990, pp. lvii + [2] + 564
ISBN 960-244-009-0

€ 12.72

This bulky volume attempts to present the works of Georgios Charitakis (1885-1943) on economic thought and policy practices ...

La Grece telle qu’elle est, Athenes 1877
ierre A. Moraitinis
Introduction: Christina Agriantoni
Athens 1987, pp. ΧΧVIII + XII + 589 + 13xiii
(out of print)

This work was first released in September 1877, in one of the most critical periods in the political history of Greece and Hellenism. Its value ...