Tales for children

The series "Tales for children", which is gradually being enriched with new publications, functions as additional material that supports the "Educational packs" and is addressed essentially at young children. The "Tales for chlidren", now also available to the general public as independent volumes, are based on folk tales and stories, as well as on traditional society's economic aspects and processes that relate directly to the PIOP Museums' themes. In other words, it concerns products such as olives and olive oil, materials such as marble and leather, their uses and their elaboration with respect to social needs. Consequently, the retelling of folk tales and their adaptation to contemporary situations is aimed at offering an insight into the pre-industrial production methods and traditional technology, such as waterpower, marble carving, etc.

14 Βιβλία
The notes that carved the marble

Ioannis Michail
Illustration-artistic design by Sofia Fortoma
Athens 2022, 32 pp.
ISBN 978-960-244-222-7
€ 13,50

The publication of the children’s book titled The notes that carved the marble by Ioannis Michail, with illustrations and artistic design by Sofia Fortoma, is related to the art of marble and the Museum of Marble Crafts in Pyrgos, Tinos.

Gunpowder for the Revolution (in Greek)

Sophia Kalantzakos
Illustrations: Thanos Tsilis
Athens 2021, 64 p.
ISBN 978-960-244-217-3
€ 18,00

In the framework of the Commemoration of the 200-year anniversary of the 1821 Revolution by Piraeus Bank, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) presents the new book of tales titled Gunpowder for the Revolution by Sophia Kalantzakos, with illustrations by Thanos Tsilis.

A Book Free in the City

A Book Free in the City (in Greek)
Katerina Papagaryfallou
Illustrations: Despoina Andreou
Athens 2020, 34 p.
ΙSBN 978-960-244-315-5

A book can take you on a travel anywhere. Yet, what happens when the book itself travels?

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek (in Greek)
Stella Tsiggou
Illustrations: Konstantina Brinia
Athens 2019, 27 p., 8 ill.
ISBN 978-960-244-202-9

A visit to a museum may not be just… a visit.

The Silver Belt

The Silver Belt (in Greek)
Charis Mega
Illustrated by: Maria Bacha
Athens 2019, 64 p.
ISBN 978-960-244-208-1
€ 18,00


The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation has published the children's book Η ασημένια ζώνη [The Silver Belt] by Charis Mega, illustrated by Maria Bacha, related to the art of silversmithing and the Silversmithing Museum in Ioannina.

The Silk Mansion

The Silk Mansion (in Greek)
Matoula Karayianni-Tolka
Illustration: Eleni Kotsoni
Athens 2017, 64p.
ISBN 978-960-244-188-6
€ 14.50

Built in the late 19th century, the Brikas Mansion overlooking Soufli’s “Mesochori” square still stands tall.