The "Monographs" series comprises original works by Greek scholars, mainly doctoral theses approved by a jury, and the papers resulting from the Foundation's research projects. The topics these cover refer essentially to building techniques, architecture, naval architecture and shipbuilding, metalworking, public works, shipping, etc.
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Stone masons of Lesvos. Social networks, techniques and local history (1850-1950)

Christos N. Chatzilias
Athens 2020, 256 p., 217 ill., 5 maps, 15 graphs.
ISBN 978-960-244-212-8
€ 42,00



The economic history of the Hellenic State

Thanassis Kalafatis – Evanghelos Prontzas, with the collaboration of A. Giannitsis, S. Gekas, Z. Demathas, Chr. Desyllas, Margarita Dritsa, P. Ioakeimidis, V. Kardassis, Sofia Lazaretou, G. Mitrofanis, Th. Pakos, K. Papageorgiou, P. Petrakis, Ph. Sahinidis, Maria Synarelli, St. Tsotsoros, Gelina Harlafti
Publication advisor: Spiros Asdrahas
Volume I: Building a national economy,
Volume II: Economic functions and progress,
Volume III: Quantitative analysis documents
Athens 2011, vol. I: 725 p., vol. II: 864 p., vol. III: 802 p.
ISBN 978-960-244-149-7 (set),
Vol. I: 978-960-244-150-3, vol. II: 978-960-244-151-0, vol. III: 978-960-244-152-7
€ 119.44

This collective work, the result of a long-term investigation both of the sources and international...

The Bank of the Poor. Corfu's Monte di Pietà (1630-1864)

Christos Th. Desyllas
Athens 2006, 384 p., 16 illus., 12 tables, 22 diagrams
ISBN 960-244-091-0
€ 22.26

This study, the product of systematic archival research in archives and libraries of Italian and Greek cities, analyzes the institution of the Monte di Pietà in Corfu during the period 1630-1864 ...

Piraeus 1834-1912. Operational town-building and town-planning evolution
Stamatina Malikouti
Athens 2004, 344 p., 362 illustrations and drawings
ΙSΒΝ 960-244-081-3

€ 25.44

Disproportionately to its rich history and the abundant testimonies, the academic investigation and documented recording of modern Piraeus’ ...

Greek Economic History, XV-XIX century

Spyros Asdrachas, with N.E. Karapidakis, Olga Katsiardi-Hering, Eftychia D. Liata, Anna Mattheou, Michel Sivignon, Traian Stoianovich,
Athens 2003, Vol. I, pp. 795, Vol. II, pp. 457, figs 149, tables 47
ISBN 960-244073-2, Vol. I 960-244-074-0, Vol. II 960-244-075-9
€ 68.90 (unbound), € 79.50 (bound)

The work focuses on the Greek populations in the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian possessions. It examines this complex economic world by ...